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At Cornerstone we have a long heritage of working in the community as a demonstration of the Love of God. We have been partnering with a number of projects and people for many years. Below is a summary of the projects and people that we support.

Watford FC


This year we have partnered with WFC to encourage the young football fans in our community. The Junior Hornets and the Family Zone team at the club have begun setting up games, photobooths and other activities prior to some matches.

Have a look at our events page or on Watford Football Club's website for when they are next hosting activities at the church.


David and Hannah

We regularly send money to David and Hannah to support their teaching ministry in Hungary and into neighbouring countries.


Lily's Orphanage

The church has been supporting a number of pastors and organisations in the Bangalore area of India for over 30 years. Over the past 10 years a number of church members have visited the area to give support and be mutually encouraged. The pastors in this area not only run a number churches, but also bible schools, schools, and support into the surrounding villages.

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